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The Car Insurance Merry go Round

  Here is a shock for everyone; car insurance premiums are due to rise yet again. The economy is in tatters, financial edifices are going broke hand over fist, insurance rates are as near to zero as makes little difference, factory output is dropping like a brick, car companies are going to the wall wholesale but the insurance industry is going to put up prices. Why, and how can they get away with this? You may ask. The answer is quite simple really; as a nation we are just not as honest as we used to be and fraudulent claims have become a very major issue for insurers. In addition we have caught the litigation disease from across the pond and we sue far more easily than we used to, and it is now a badge of honour to have won a compensation claim just as it used to be to have a child at university. Finally there has been an absolute epidemic of whiplash injuries in certain cities in the UK caused by even the slightest, faintest bump; it must be a byproduct of all the obesity or binge drinking that we are all indulging in.

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Frankly, the insurance companies have all got themselves to blame in my very humble opinion. Right now they have a price war going on on the Internet and it is possible if you shop around to get absolutely ridiculous discounts simply for switching from one provider to another. The theory of course is that having switched you will stay with your new insurer for the rest of your days during which they will milk you for all the profit they can get from you, but the reality is that those who switch once will switch often! This means of course that the insurance buyers who feel that they are doing the right thing by sticking faithfully to the same insurance companies that they have always been with are inadvertently subsidising the rest of us who simply want to buy for the cheapest possible price. Faithfulness can be a very expensive virtue sometimes!

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